July 29, 2009


so now i can rmbr wt happen.c there was this subject which is optional.n i reg for this A subject initially.which i will not mention.so,the B subject has sumtin to do with counting stuff.wic i like so much.and..the A subject has to do with reading.and i like reading.but memorising is a big NO fer me.and so i went fer the B subject for tryouts.and..it was okay until i was called.she called me BUNGA since i was using my bunga hairclip fer the whole day.so i wasnt doin anytin.

the woman: yea bunga? ape u buat kat blkg tu? tgh main2 ke?
bunga: ah? teda la puan..
the woman: dr td i tgk u main2 kat blkg tu..u phm tak ape i ckp dr td?
bunga: paham..
tha woman: ulang balik ape saye ckp?
(omg.honestly,i wasnt playin.and i dint catch the last line she said.im dead)
bunga:er...goverment..sumtin..(actually the thing that i repeat was correct)
the woman:haa..tula..i tgh ckp kat depan..u main2 kat blkg..
subject ni bukan senang tau..takpernah org dpt A dlm seumur hidup.(W T FISH)
klu sye main2,sye main2,klu time bljr,jgn la main2,.
(and she took my so-called personal details sheet)
ha..subject yg *TUT* ni pun repeat.
bunga: puan..itu baru 1 ja paper saya repeat.(budget mau tegakkan keadilan yg aku ni dak la bodoh sgt)
the wekekemen: yelah.maximum sitting fer the paper is 3 times
(mcm jak la aku ni mau kasi ripit smpi 3 kali)
and she said..ehh..sume tekejut eeaa i marah?
bunga:(dalam hati jak) siall...kitaiii!!!!!!!!!
and i returned to the A subject where i can find peace.
PLUS.THE WOMAN TU siap bgtau lgi.."dulu saye kat uitm melake,saye DL every sem tau."
ur still a lect.DUH!


wheee!! kami cuti 1 week!!
omg its been ages i dint post anytin!!
akay..lemme c..mula2..i met dj2 music fm..muaz and aril.they were very friendly.
they were here for concert i cant rmbr..n then..a step to uitm!!...hehhe..i met lala.bibi.and lot of them..they were the freshies fer this sem.and i stayed at their room once in a while..and fini's room too! love ya guys fer the stay.and wat els?
owya,uitm is close curently.due to h1n1 i ges..since uitm melaka hasnt opened since forever,so i think uitm wana get every campus in a same line.tpi this is our mid term,so they brought it forward,n we wudnt get our midterm next month.

and ela's bday was a blasttt!!! i bought miming along to the party.which happened to be her first time.hahhaha..kesian ba dia..di bwk menarii..dipaksa lgi ni.mati aku oleh bapak nya klu kena tau.kekeke..n then..wat els aaa...wat the hell is wrong with my brain..it stops functioning.tuttt...tutt.....tutt...later!

July 11, 2009


my mum went home yesterday.n my fever came back.sial
mcm i felt like i dun wana be here.i wana go back.to twu
akmal's goin to kl today.and...i hope hes doin fine.
i felt so alone ba.knp ba ni.

July 6, 2009


im in kk now.in the uitm librabry.we supposed to register our course but there was sumtin about system failure so we skip to other regristration course which is?...
facebook and blogger.thank god theres no failures.hee.
well.i am sick.cough.flu.fever.tpi td sua pigi clinic.byk ni urg sakit.mama ckp dia mau dtg kk.since aku sakit.yeaaa.hahahha.nah tkut juga dia anak nya sakit.
jadi...still waiting fer her.sigh..

July 4, 2009

i cant believe wer growing up so fast...

these are the pictures of suzana's engagement..it took two days fer me then i get to uplod them..been busy.but..im just so happy fer her..mcm rasa we were just in high skul n now shes gettin married...whoaa....cepat nya...aku? bila aku kawin hahahhahahha.i wishhh ada org mau.,kekek..btw..all the best fer u darling suzane..
love u.


July 3, 2009


i suppose to have a vdeo here.where is it?

owhhh GOD.

i know im a hassle fer u.i overcare.but i apologize.
i hate the fights but i love u.
i know ur tryin hard but im struggling wif maself too.
i just wana share but u wont listen.
i just wanted to call.
i just wana hear u.
i just want everytin back to normal.
i rily misses 'the bakery' ringing.
i wana avoid the tears but it kept on pouring out.
even mr.tissue cant stand it.
i rily hope i can change mysef to BILAN so dat i can be with u n listen.
im tired of loving someone els n i want nobody els.
stop saying things dat hurt syg n dats all i ask.

July 2, 2009

advanced raya preparation.hahhaha

mama ku membawak kmi mencarik kain raya..awal kan...so this year raya will be brown raya..bru jak p measure td..i wanted my own style tpi mama mau kunu suru putung pattern johor ka pahang..tah..trus i say i wanted biasa2 jak..ikut badan..tpi blg macik sharifah..mana bole..bdn erin kecik jak.kurus..ADEH.bgus aku ni pkai karung jak ba klu hari raya.susa btul..tpi time2 milih kain,smpat lgi aku test2 tudung..hahahahha..sembrg jak.but i bot one okayyy..hee.