May 3, 2011

do you have the guts?

my decision of leaving sabah actually took me months and months and months to think. well i have to see the pros and cons any ways. if ur thinking of having decisions like me., take a look at this board (made my me). it might help u abit.

May 2, 2011

april recap

happy birthday to boss mary, bro danny and bud suriah! wish you guys pannjannggg umur and more to come!

mary's cake

danny & danish's cake

suria's cake!


birthdays are over,careers next. 
i actually got an offer from one place. and i shall not say as wat and wat do i do.
so.. 19th of april will be my last visit to KL as ill be moving there in (wait a minute) a week!

Been happy for the fortune,alhamdulilah and thank you God.
but leaving mom and the rest will be the hardest part. 
by the way,mom will be goin to somerset in 2 weeks. have fun ma. see you in KL.
danny will be home alone. and so do nenek. 


i have a new kitten. i think shes still a kitten la.

her name is topeng!

thats her. dia sgt la manjaaaa... and dia suka tidur dan juga makan. sama seperti saya. :D

kakak erin kasi tinggal topeng nanti,jaga diri k. suru abg danny kasi mkn ya. 


my holiday with besties

from left: dania.billie bieber. lena serena. :)

i brought danny along. nda tau la apa perasaan nya ni dibwk ke kl. mcm 
nda da perasaan ja.

that's it for april! will update you soon. 

LOVE, erin.

May 1, 2011

farewell picnic