December 26, 2010

merry xmas everyone!

went to cassy's and met up with joana's and cousins.

and then..aunty mia's place!

take one: "ito oh si elai!"

richie capat kauu!! si elai mau cakap! says aunty mia.

parang movie2 sa pilipinas.

masayang masaya talaga namen.

kuya nya.

aunty elai from switzlerland. :)

granny :)

carikan 10 perbezaan.

xmas bored poses.

wrapped up with minum2 tgh mlm with kizy!



"if loving someone is a crime,then everyone should go to jail."


December 20, 2010

such a sweet boy

i had this customer (ceh2 trip lgi aku guna term customer..) nda ba..junior aku ba d uitm. he happened to be one of my hugshop hes buying one of  my "endu kesian" item. hes buying for a girl. sweeeet. so i decided to give the girl a handmade card. 

this is how it looks. i hope the girl will love it.

and this was made long time ago which i thought fit the beads well.

alhamdulilah for the rezeki. 
thanks to ahmad sufyan for the business.handshakes :)


December 19, 2010


a little gift for my novel purchaser. :)


when do you think ull be married? do you think the man that ur dating now is gonna be ur husband? do you think he/she'S the one for you? does he has the potential to be ur husband? the potential in law for your family? or do YOU have the potential to be his wife? do you think of marriage when u'r on love? well i do. tons of times,i even thot of our childs' name. ridiculous. but somehow it was only part of the time when ur in ur angan2 world la kan. a friend asked me when do i wana get married? i paused. and i was thinking,when does akmal wants us to get married? of course boys at my age, the word MARRIAGE did not cross their mind at all. but ur in a long term relationship,how far do you think ur rship can stand? when i asked myself, i rather NOT answering the question. instead of saying,ill go with the flow, ill be saying,ill flow with the go. too much happened between me and akmal though. these and that, which is normal. and im delightful that some of my friends, ada yg getting married soon. ada yg has found her man. ada yg getting stronger, getting weaker. and these relationships had tought me alot how to act when certain situasion occurs. my friends do seek me for advices, i hope i did my best. and for long distance relationships, i can see that u can maintain the knot much longer if ur barely strong enough to keep it up, if ur full of patience,if ur have faith in ur man, be pessimist, and tell ur heart "its only another obstacle to overcome" whenever things happen. today is my 1 YEAR 8 MONTHS sarry. and thank you akmal for everything. lets just keep this stronger. i love you.

December 16, 2010

convo convo convo!

saya ialah seorang GRADUAN UITM!

endu last! convo juga aku kannn...

so iv met few long lost friends and family as usual.
itu la akmal salu ckp..salu ja jumpa org lama.. XD

above - kak leena first cousin ku yg dua thun suda aku dak jumpa.
shes currently working in kl.
below - kak miriam, my pa's cousin. which happend to be my aunt la kan?
and on my left is billie mars. my cover partner.

ross shayana si ngera-ngera. hehe..this is when we came for the robe. poor akmal penat dia kesian.

below are akmal's tired pose.

pictures of me,akmal,ross,kak leena and abang zack.haha
kak leena had been asking few people to snap our pictures (tanpa segan silu) 





sumone i just knew according to angka giliran. dewi ilyia!

my view. and i was asleep. TWICE.

jellybie took this! thanks cousy!

relatives fro kl! jelly,me,papa and aunty gelyn.

and aunty agnes!

akmal papa and ijam

flowers from them~~~ wheee!

aku yg kecil d i-city

last weird frame from us!

November 27, 2010

ika sudah bertunang nampak nya.

from left : pipie cinta biasa,ika the ring girl,me, and etyne the duit2.

ika,tahniah atas pertunangan anda. :)

the food was GREAT!

ika the ring girl!

me and etyne the duit2.

my advanced 22nd bday surprise!

mula2,aku dak expect ada surprise ni..and then bila kak vero tyk aku "rin apa program mu besok?" jeng2. and then kak vero tyk lgi "rin bwk camera mu besok ya"... nah kdptn suda! but i wasnt expecting anything though.hahhaha and wat was funny when suddenly ada pulak bunga sampai..and a box.i thought who wud ever give me flower in advanced? hahahahahahah and then,it was for the boss.we fortunately have the same bday. cheers then! yampui! and so, kak vero told me that shell go out fer awhile at 12. and when is that ever happen? haha...suri pura2 lgi tyk,ke mana kak vero? duiiii..mainan kamuuuuu..hahah..tau sda aku dlm diam. and a SR cake has finally arrived. wheeeee.....ADVANCED cake yall!!!! the cake was NICE! and these are the moments. 
"well,to my beloved colleagues, thank you so much from the bottom of my heart, i never had such considerate colleagues, and if i ever leave TG, these are goin to be my best moment of working. i love each all of you to death! HUGS AND KISSES. "