October 28, 2010

kak nana's bday surprise.

office post!

life's has been very very extremely bored so today i can say has been a lil fun since its kak nana's bday!
wev been planning a day before about wat to do,wat to buy..so we decided to buy her a cake and celebb yall.

attention the bday girl is the one with the knife.

mcm kak vero ja ni yg bday hahahah


mau juga mama budi

the card.


October 12, 2010


well i heard alot of bad news happened on this date. luckily i was okay during my flight.
but unfortunately it was delayed for 3 hours okay. duh. i cried initially since i have to leave akmal for the day.
so he happened to cheer me along the way so that i wont cry. :( i felt like crying again.

our last lunch

terlalu excited si akmal membwk aku ke ogawa chair ni. 
smpi tlene dia blg. 

ndu si sinchan

ape bendee tu yang.
our way to lcct

suka dia tgk aku bodo2

mr.bean hahaha way to lcct from salak pebende tah

trying to get many frames as we can.
bye love. :(


so i decided to make today's bottomline is -it all can happen in one day- . but it didnt.ahhahhaha since iv decided to see all of my friends but i ony met one. and it was still AWESOME! so we started with masjid jamek shopping.

and then..we headed to pudu prison since huzail said there was somthing goin on.
i always wanted to go here as lomo thing happened to be held here all the time :)

sila layan muka mengek saya.

vilvilivyne and dania's lunch date

i havent met bili since forever.and we didnt even recall when was our last met.
so i reaaalllyyy miss her alot and shes still awesome like always!

we went for shopping together,and congrats burn for ur trousers exchange!
LOVE ya babe!

wat u see above were trial frames combined by akmal.

dania heart akmal

i never realise these tho.good job syg.

well above was our long-time planned dinner. sempat lgi we quarreled 
along the way to nandos. tpi thank god the dishes were nice.:) 

these were also our long-time planned. our first 3D movie ever.
lama sda 3D kuar kan,tpi we promised we gona watch together.
thats why many frames were taken.:)

end of the day.

weekend date with mr.akmal

its been 4 months i havent met this guy.got fretted if he runs away from me.so i decided to meet him up.the tot of purchasin the ticket was a sudden conduct. i was actually asking him if we ever got any cheap tix,ill go and see u now.so we found a quite value so now or never,kl here i come again.

was too too too too excited for akmal so i checked in earlier.
my flight was delayed one hour btw,so i have to wait forever.
and i reached kl like 1 or 2 am. and i had stomache and i cant sleep.and its killin me.

i hate him for making me to look for him as soon as i reach.
i know la romantic.tpi perut ku sakittttt suda..aiya.nt2 la romantic tu syg.
our first frame on our way to kl sentral.sory for the long wait yanggg.

October 1, 2010

back on track.

i got back to work on friday.good start. so..the next big thing was our dinnner. we decor the stage ourselves, we had fun. we had poco2! there are flaws here and there but we finally made our own raya dinner a blast!

eid month~eid dinner~and how it all happened in a month! (cont.2)

so i had a lil gathering for my house the next day. the mom-made-soup was niceeee. initially sbb rempah masi fresh.hahahaha
dian came,lala came,gk came,ada lgi few friends but dakda chance to snap all together.

i hate how sick i looked.

purrr fect!

eid month~eid dinner~and how it all happened in a month! (cont.)

so okay.being in the hosp was quite aaaan experience. i hate blood taking,i hate the toile how it cudnt close tight. i hate the shirt! the food as well. the bed. the no-visiting-till-midnite . the midnite doc. the curtain. gosh. but i can say that the nurses were very very nice. seriously. mungkin baru kali durang kan. then..i have to take few shots of blood a day. i did x-ray,i did the heart testing and the nurse saw my boobs already. :( and then.,mom was there for me both nights, thanks mom! <3 ya! few friends came for visit. mcm open house di hospital la jadi nya.then
ther's one girl beside me,her name is...ika,nana or sumting, she faced the same prob like me. but then she got covered by kelambu for one day. i wonder wats dat all about. well my hosp mate were funny.there was this one old lady, she didnt want the nurse to take any of her blood anymore,so she said, aku minta maaf sama kamu semua. aku damau lagi kena ambil darah. lol. and then she got out from the hosp the next day without permission. hahha.ganassss macik 2.. then,the next day, ptg2 i was finally released.but ika had to stay.since her dengue turned out to be positive. thanks to the supplements i guess.

packing home! thanks for the pic lala! 

eid month~eid dinner~and how it all happened in a month!

lama btul sda aku dak blogging..been really really busy. okay so we start with a assalamualaikum to all my loyal readers,and thanks again for entering my blog.muahs. okay so,a week before puasa,i was sick,as usual. i had high fever,and my joints were aching, my head was about to explode, and then, i was MCed for 3 days. and then i was sick on my hari raya as well.so it was okay for me for not buying anything new for myself while all i can do is lying deadly at home. and on the 5th day,my friends asked me to check my blood and see wether it is dengue or not. so i did went to the hosp,on the 5th day of my fever.and the time was 11.30pm. so,blood was taken and the person incharged told me i was needed to be admit since i may have possibilities of having dengue. and so he told me 5th day of dengue is normally the highest risk of getting it so thats why i had to stay.

you can tell how terrible i looked.

impatient aunts. and uncle.haha

mom's best look!

our photographer yg lambat service.

impatient niece lol

so-called photowomen. 

cousieesssss! hugs!


malaking pamilia!