July 10, 2011

miss me?

been hecticly busy of work got even no time for internet, or i shall say, i got no access to the internet is actually my main point. so far, living in KL is highly expensed. emm, but new hey i need to go somewhere else to feel the differences of life right? my job ? emmm so far, so so.. it took me quite a time to travel from home to work. it is tiring. damn tiring. food cost i can say, CHEAP! i can find 3.50 meal, drink inclusive. great rite? even the kakak kknows me already. woot woot! ok so.. i dont end my work exactly on time like wat i used to in my previous job. but talking bout boyfriend, he really did good taking care of me, like wat he promised before. akmal fetches me from work everyday. with scooter. weeeeee! seriously, i cudnt keep my mouth shut on my 1st ride. i was screaming wohhooo along the way.  ha ha. so now im living with my cousies. lydia lisa. i can now say im officially a miss indepent.