June 30, 2009

we'll miss you andy.1986-2009

he was a friend of mine.i never knew him very well.but i rmbr he was studying in SMK holy trinity..next to my school.the first time i met him when i was on my way jalan kaki from convent to dinamic club.cuz my mum was working ther dat time.he was a waiter.
i knew he dint know who i am.he dint know im mia's daughter.he was so serious serving me food dat time.n i was with my kurung skolah and tudung skolah yg pendek.when my mum came to my table..she told andy im her daughter and he eventually smile.dat was the first time i talked to him.i was not rily close to him,n at the same time,his cousin clauvilyn happened to be my senior in convent.n she works in dinamic too.so clauvilyn and my mum are close frens.but after few months working in dinamic.,andy went to kl..i duno on wat purpose,but i knew he went to kl..he was also close to eko's brother,abg denddy,the one whos gettin married soon.n he promised to bg denddy that he will surely some for his wedding.i rmbr he came to me and asked for songs,n he took justin's "my love".that was the last time i met him.
but luck hasnt alwes be with him.he faced alot of car accidents actually.n his death happened to be his third accident.i guess god loves him n dats y he was taken.the third accident took place in kl.he was on his way to work n he was hit by a car.according to infos,he dint fasten his seat belt n he was known as a fast driver.
he was then told to be in coma.n there was sumtin in his head was taken off.so he only has to depend on the machine to live.but last nite,my mum told me the doctor has asked the permission to switch off the machine as he cudnt be saved anymore.today.he was safely gone.and he will be sent home tonite.i will be goin to his funeral soon.may god's love be with you always ADRIAN SERINO.

June 29, 2009

music for soul gigs 2009

yesterday i went for gigs in dewan belia sukan..it was okay tho..cuz i was not so excited moshing.then..my cousin's band x28dayslaterx was the first band to perfom.
they prfom well as usual.adly was having so much fun..dizzy dizzy,ijam ws excited moshing too.eko dint mosh too much cuz most of the songs were not the genres that dey like.but i like the songs cuz there were the strokes..12.51..last nite..those r my favs..then..after dat..we went to a place where org twu kol it 'highway'..it was a beach ka tu aa..ka..seaside..tah la..p sana jap lepak.tpi air surutt woo..tkut aku tgk,,then nasir came..trus kmi pgi ABC.mkn sanggar dan lekor..lama jga kmi lepak.smpt lgi eko dan ijam begadu..haihh..dak abis2.then mlm nya papa kol dany,.he wanted to bring dany to watch transformer..dany asked me but im afraid mama will mad and kesian mama dakda kwn d kedai.then dany jak la pgi tingu..but overall i rily had fun yesterday eventho ther was sumtin on my mind..watever it is..28days later RAWKKK!!

June 28, 2009


akmal told me dat his ayah is sick..hes worried n im worried too.he said his dad's condition is not quite well..n hes bringing him to the hospital tomorow..hes thinkin of extending his degree till next yer..since theres no one to take care of his dad in kelantan..but his mum wont allow him to do so..it was very kind of u syg..watever it is..i will support ur decision kay?n i will surely pray for ur dad.amin.

love u,

June 27, 2009

one of my heels missinG~!!!!

so i went to my future cousin in law pya house.utk merisik..suma family..then..mula2 wen i reached ruma tu.i found out my gelang kaki missing..i was so panic sbb my mum ckp.."klu ini hilang...hilang jugak kepala mu ole aku" whooa.mati..my head will be cut next! so i told eko.."eko..mati la aku..hilang gelang ku" dia blg.."astaga dmana?"
i dun hav idea.then after mkn2 suma..pas merisik apa suma..lepas cincin dipkaikan..kmi pun pulang..then..wats next? heels ku hilang 1. mati!!! panic lagi..tpi ini dakda hilang2 kepala..then i said.."mana kasut erin ma?" blg mama.."aii..mana?"...trus suma urg heran..mana hilang kasut ku.blg mama bride "kenapa boleh hilang nak? bukam ada jugak anjing..wehh..ko simpang la dulu di sini yg satu..nt dicarek yahh" auwahh..i went home with my bare feet.gila....nasib ruma dkt..trus my mum n auties suma ktwk..ur next! ur next! PALIS2 ahhhh...dakla aku mau dirisik...eeeiiiwww....klu akmal buli la..hee.=) btw..i wonder where did my heels go.=.='then smpi ruma cpt2 carik my gelang kaki..thank god jumpa.or els u guys will be seeing dania with no head.sigh!

June 26, 2009

mocKing white petals in progress

so these are my new designs..dlm process ba ni..there are fews coming out..these are actually handphone cases,and coin bags..the ideas of designs came from me and my cousy eko.im thinking of selling them..but i need feedbacks from viewers dulu..then i can repair mana2 yg ada flaws..if u have any suggestions,do leave some comments kay?


i ges wer okay now.

im sory if i push u too much..but i just want the best fer us.i love u veymuch syg..

June 25, 2009

biar laaa!!

u just dont care.kasi biar urg..dakpa..if im sick ka..apa ka..u never kno..hmpp!! boo u!!

thinGs dat happen in my "new" everyday life

" most of the time i spent on"

" untuk di baca2"

" still busy chasing her fish"

"kids' drug of choice"

"stuff dat mom believes in.feng sui kunu"

"mum's busy chasing her fish"

"our sempoA"

"regular kid"

"si juling running around"

June 23, 2009

lahgoo of choice for teday.

she sings well.shes from malaysia.shes similar to yuna..those jazz songs.n try to listen to her.zee avi.

white petals

so i came out w/ few designs..n sewings..all by myself.i dun rily know wat to invent..but some of the toughts were coin bags..er..and..okay2.i duno wat to do okay.
but..ill show sum of the designs..n giv me feedbacks k..

June 22, 2009


okay..ges wat..im applyin for 3R's tv host..was actually looking fer a blog about frou's thingy cuz i saw it lastnite on 3r..it was sumtin about own designed stuff n selling it on the internet..so..i decided to look fer it since im planning on doin my own blogs for the stuff dat iv made..i nid sum references from the experts~
but the last nite episode hasnt been published,.so tgk2 sikit jak la..then i saw this thing..dia ckp..DO U HAVE WAT IT TAKES? nah jadi..penasaran la jugak kan..trus..balik2 pikir..y dun i giv a chance .. its not like im losing anyting kan..jadi..i got on to steps where they provide forms..pictures..n few questies..jadi.i send the pic (ABOVE) ..i duno how does it look.but hopefully its okay la.then after i submitted my form,i saw 1 tab wic says.."your competition"..gheeessseeee...i wonder how my competitors look like.so then i found out they were sooooo many of em..kira ok la kan..tpi ni just for fun jugak la..dpt dak dpt tu blkg crita..tpi klu dpt tu ada crita la..hahaha.

June 21, 2009

lahgoo of choice


calling for Ms Patience

magandang arau pok..means morning in tagalug..hee.
anu ba..y suddenly my writing formats teda ni..
mana suda..ish..budu ba..1 prob 1 day..
wtv it is..i woke up at 9 just now..thank god akmal woke me up.
tankxx syg..=) i gota rush cuz i hav to look after my shop.
it a kedai runcit actually.since mama quit her job so this is our only
hope to get on w/ our life.its kinda sad tho cuz we werent so in pain before.
now eveythings changed.like wat iv posted in my fb.WHEN IT HAPPENED,DATS WHEN YUNO
HOW POWERFUL GOD IS.na..skrg..kena overcume the hurdles jak la.sabar rin.
n last nite mum suddenly thinkin of looking fer job in kl.ok for me,its ok.
tpi mcm adehh..kesian la ba.shes 45.,n she goes to kl,mau cari kerja,just to provide us food n shelters.i just cant imagine she has to go diff places n ask for job.
adeh..cam aku mau brenti skolah ja bgini.but ill just see wat happens.if she really wanna go then i cant stop her.then sooner or later me n dany pun hav to stay kl jugak la tu.klu suda benda2 bgini jadi..mcm i wana look for my dad,giv him a slap,for being sucha terrible father.damn.i just hv to call Ms Patience wen it cums to this.

kabi kabi!~

we went to nasir's house lastnyt..
we werent so sure wats d purpose..ingatkan kenduri..tpi im not wearing any kurungs.hee.
then..even lala dint as well..hhehee..i ate 2 bowls of soto.cuz it was damn gud.then..
lala went fer bag shopping fer a while then we went home.it was nice for us we
werent so close actually.but everone was so happy n we laugh all nyt n those precioux moments were so wonderful.love ya gyus.~lala.eko.adly.nasir~

June 20, 2009

itu sih..karya doang

been living in the theatre where everyone plays their role.

its either you,them or the unity.giving trust to those who are reliable but never been so.

givin faith in the one u owes turn to but was never been listened.patience has alwes been my bestfriend but she sumtimes cant stand as well.

been reading myself for 20 years but still,things were not easily understand.

A million pages of dictionary cudnt even find the solution.but deep inside,

i know that God is giving me exams that wudnt ended.

exams that doesnt need a diploma or even a Phd.

all that i can do is only pray.and fake the drama with every play.



semua nya uda selesey..komen nya juga uda bisa..makasih ya anyoi..


1 more. aku dak buli post comment. wth~


nice..thirD time Doin blog.3rd account.cuz i cant rmbr my previous acc..wat a waste.