August 17, 2010

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August 15, 2010

sungkai with F&F

it was my 2nd puasa.since i got my menses on the 1st and 2nd day of Ramadhan. so far,i can say,btul2 mencabar keimanan puasa2 time kerja, because i have to pick up phones kan all the time.i repeat all the time.
mmg busy btl.then mcm i got no time to even breathe.or take a sip.haha.nda time2 cuti weekend,spend time with fams and frens pgi sungkai ramai2 d luar la.:) best sbb suma ada sana.mcm the vibe of ramadhan terasa.aisehh.tiba2 aku ni,calling all the pictures!

enduu..geng2 adikku. i know u can tell which one is my bro.


meja yg kami book.haha!

ini jak gmbr yg sempat aku ambik sama kwn ku.ada ba lgi tu.nt la aku cari.
bah skrg ni puasa ke 3 suda.tahan2 jak ko dania.XD

absence makes our hearts grow fonder

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August 12, 2010

dania's first juice box

                                                introducing...................juice box lomo cam.=)

well i was extremely excited about this entry.but unfertunately the-supposed-to-be 36 rolls of film, turned to be only 14 came out.
ok so,this is a true toy cam.i dont really know her well yet.but wat i knoe there are several films that come out with great effects.

and theseeeee are my shots.

August 11, 2010