March 20, 2011

new header and new songs!

well as you can see,my new header were pictures taken by my lomo. :) the previous header was lari-siring, so enjoy the new header ya. and new songs were added,so enjoy!

March 19, 2011

another bestie's bday!

biar pun ko jauh di mata ross,namun, bday mu tetap di hati.. :) happy bday ross shayana, may god bless you, more to come, be a good wife soon haha.. its sad to not having u with me for ur 23 yrs of age, but im glad others were there for u! miss you bebe~ HAPPY BDAY AGAIN!

miss you three!

chamen. <3

March 15, 2011

March 12, 2011

end of love month and entering the nextstage

so kanda pipi's engagement day had passed. alhamdulilah for everything went well as planned. i was late few minutes for the event and nasib belum lagi start apa2. few closed friends of hers came and it was really fun being with them as well. :))

the ring lady :)


etine mau juga aku pkai slendang look alike dia blg. =.=' torture

3 of the marimars

finally real scarf

great day fifi! congrats btw!


so moving on to the next thread,mls mau tekan new post.
so now iv got promoted. :) alhamdulilah
new tasks,new figures,new desk,new stationery,new feelings.

chamen in her new desk. :) 

well working inside the office is totally different from outside.
working with my bosses inside is terrifying. i cant sing like i used to,
i cant eat like i used to,i cant laugh for hours like i used to. haha
but then i can pretend to do my work by just simply placing my hands on the
keyboard. nobody wudve notive anyway. haha
special gratitude to sue,mdm chai,hendrik for the warm welcome.
and sue,thanks for teaching me all the way.i know ur reading this and i love u. :)

******end of part 2******


adi planned all these actually,dari kk lagi dia plan to give the bday surprise
for his wife,linda. adi is my first cousin so linda happened to be my cousin-in-law.
the surprise was a success. adi malu2 lagi mau angkat kek. beeh.

happy 21st bday linda. *cheers*

few captures of adam by me. :)

awesome events truout the month and next awaiting event?

my SECOND anniversary with mr. Kema. 

****end of entry****