July 25, 2010

a bored fortnight.

wake up at 6.35.after a few snoozes,got all pin up,ready for work.

having teh tarik.(depends on kalau ada org mau belikan)

urghh fugly.this is the hungry 11.00am face.

i might be getting this from mom.for my tea break.

and this.every monday and thursday.

i play with this kid when i got back.
u can see how terrible he acts.

and deal with thessseeeee.everynight.

well the best part of everyday is getting in touch with my akmal.


July 8, 2010

is this really happening

iv received my first pay slip teday.=) and i didnt know it was p&co. and i didnt know how to tear it in a correct way.
there were too much complainin on the payments.obviously u know wat does dat mean.
and..i myself had a lil disappointment on my payday.which happened to be the unexpected digits.
but iv brought positice vibess by counting my actual work days and it was surprisingly accurate.
gosh i felt like its been a month.

and it has been a very tough week fer me.okay.

now i know why teaching kidssss about manners is deadly important.
well i saw "kurang ajars".
-membuang brg kepada cleaner and ask them to pick up..(duh)
-never say thank you.
-raising voice without any specific reason.
-calling people 'eyy!!' instead of names.i mean if ur not good with names u can replace with "excuse me miss"

we cant blame them for being that way tho.its their parents.and i was very very upset of racist.as well as the level of where you stand.
how i wish i can change the world.

July 2, 2010

eko's bbq farewell

we had a bbq with few close friends.

but i think the bbq thingy was too sloww and the boys were too hungry.
so we decide to cook them in a normal way.easier.
eko had to go for his degree.so this was a get together time fer him.