March 30, 2010


March 29, 2010

March 28, 2010

Ars Amatoria

The Ars amatoria (The Art of Love) is a poem in three books by the Roman poet Ovid.
 It claims to provide teaching in three areas of general preoccupation: 
  1. how and where to find women (and husbands) in Rome,
  2.  how to seduce them, and
  3.  how to prevent others from stealing them.

do you think men would want this?
i dislike ovid btw.

March 25, 2010

our diskusi (walau jauh dimata,tapi diskusi tetap ada)

1.he got powdered.i got smiley clean face.
2.he only drank.i ate lekor!
3.but we both got ugly faces.

cara untuk melepaskan ketut dengan selamba ( dan di mana sahaja )

1.dak kira la anda dimana.
2.buat muka selamba.
3.lepaskan angin.
5.lari jika bau keluar.( if any )
6.kalau org tya,"kau ka kentut?" ckp "ndakla!" pastuh senyum.

pakar kentut.

saggy me


A sudden burst of confidence today can motivate you to take a risk, especially if you are willing to put your feelings on the line. But you'll need to use your common sense too, for you might appear pushier than you intend. If you run into strong resistance from others now, it might be smart to ease off and give them a little breathing room. Remember, you have more time to accomplish your goals than you realize.

Lord Byron-lucy's fav poet

George Gordon Byron, 6th Baron Byron, later George Gordon Noel, 6th Baron ByronFRS(22 January 1788 – 19 April 1824), commonly known simply as Lord Byron, was a British poet and a leading figure in Romanticism-(Likey). Amongst Byron's best-known works are the brief poems She Walks in BeautyWhen We Two Parted, and So, we'll go no more a roving, in addition to the narrative poems Childe Harold's Pilgrimage and Don Juan. He is regarded as one of the greatest British poets and remains widely read and influential, both in the English-speaking world and beyond.
Byron's notability rests not only on his writings but also on his life, which featured aristocratic excesses, huge debts, numerous love affairs, and self-imposed exile. He was famously described by Lady Caroline Lamb as "mad, bad and dangerous to know". He died from a fever contracted while in Missolonghi in Greece.

March 23, 2010

charles and keith cravings.

i want this so bad.

March 22, 2010


       dear fairy god mother,can u pls give me that cardigan please??

March 19, 2010

60th post! and its my 11th monthsary!! yg previous post itu sebulan lalu cerita nya.

happy 11th monthsary syg.
i will alwes love ya and do keep ur promise.

<3mahal na mahal na mahal<3

March 16, 2010

bff's engagement.14.03.2010

the fiance and fiancee.

barang hntaran.

P.A-dania.(yg dkt blkg tu cuma hiasan.)



March 12, 2010

i found my purse! 3rd day.

.on the 3rd day..semasa kami sedang membeli belah di sebuah kadai yg dipanggil watson,i received a msg from azlan
." dania,good news.i found ur purse.mama ku yg jumpa but she dint tell me cus she was on her way to her office."
and i was so happyyyyy.tapi still.i have to wait for few days.due to some hurdles.

LENA came. and we met. me & akmal. lena & hafis.
we went for shopping.akmal and hafis went along very well.and they looked the same.while me and lena looked the same as well since wer skinny.

we went for GENTING with sissy.our new tour guide.he is a sabahan.but hes currently studyin in kl.
on our way to genting.

lena dan teman lelaki.

saya dan teman lelaki

teman lelaki kami dan teman lelaki mereka.;D

14th of FEB

14th of feruaria. we went for the wolfman.which was not daaatt wolfy.and valentine's day.

and wat did i get for my valentine?

the roxy bag.
I LOVE YOU AKMAL.<3 =)))))

a quote.

rubik's cube is like GAY.colourful.but you dont wanna do it.

my second in SECOND date.13.feb.2010.

i think im goin to stick my ic on my forehead since i lost my ic AGAIN before leaving for kl.the night before,i crashed at lala's place and reassuring myself that my purse was there.which turned out to be in the purse which i'd lost.,bank card,ic,student card.and how am i supposed to take off? so..12.30pm was the time of my flite.and i supposed to appear 8 the airport at 10.30 at least.and tepat pukul 10.15am,miming took me to the police house,to report my missing ic for the second time.and wat was on my mind during dat moment was,.

RM200 untuk denda kali kedua.
RM100 tunai sahaja untuk ke KL.
RM few.oo berada di dalam bank.which leads to bank card yg turut serta hilang.
RM mama marah.excluding the RM.

but akmal's face kept wandering on my mind so wat i can only say is."yang penting jumpa bf dulu."<3

jadi,me and finnie smpai di airport tepat juga masa nya.evetho finnie ada few little hurdles,tapi i believe fikiran kami pun sama iaitu " yang penting jumpa bf dulu"<3

so kmi naik plane jak i felt like i wanna goin to see my baby!!!! hehhe tapi nda jg la aku teriak.
then masa kmi dlm plane..i think we dint sleep sbb too excited.and we counted how much time left to reach kl.punya la excited...
*****then kami sampai jak..i called akmal and he said he'll be alil late.and aku kecewa sbb aku mau ba mcm dlm wyg2..dtg jak trus dia dtg lalu kmi berlari menuju each other and we huggggg...ceh..baya2.

tpi bf finnie yg dtg dulu..aku JELES.huhu.terus..10 minutes after dat.boipren ku yg aku rindu setengah mati pun datang..aku pun berasa sangat the gembira hingga aku mcm rasa budu2 sbb aku datau mau ckp apa sama dia.oowwhhh god.semua pikiran duit hilang HILANG seketika.mcm aku rasa biar la aku dakda ic asal boipren ku sayang aku.hahahahahhahah.

March 11, 2010


i opened my blog few days ago..and i found out few comments.which were very very unpleasant.and he stated..i complained to much about sumthing ..i dun giv a damn anyway..its my blog and suka hati la mau ckp apa..and he asked me to link to this url which contains words like sex.ow my jod.and i dint know dat iv chose the -show to anyone- tab for viewing.