December 31, 2009

new yr's eve post.

why dont u just kill me ah? u know wat ur prob is? ur being so rude to me.and i cant stand it yuno.
well sometimes i felt dats the way u show ur honesty.but u duno how to blend it.u just say wat u wanted to.
i found it harsh in times.because i werent supposed to feel this way,

i never scream to relief.
i never put the volume to the max and now im doin it.
i never feel hungry 1 hour after meal.

but know ur definitely succeed making me how u wanted me to feel.


December 13, 2009

a daunting december

when people advice you like
" when u love sumone,save 50% of ur love to urself.cuz u'll never know what will happen next."
and u surely will answer yes i will.but the truth is ur lying.

when ur full of love,everthing seems so wonderful to u.
biar bf mu belumpur pun ko cium.cinta kan.
when hurdles attack? u cry.and cry.and blame.and apologize.and then cry again.u say u wont call him but u will.

when ur tired of things? u lie.and lie sumore.but u still keep on loving.
when u need them? shout i miss u baby.
but when u ask him the next u still miss me like yesterday?
he'll answer yes.but he lied.

i know we face this everyday.we hate it.but we love it and wer enjoyin it.truth hurts sometimes.but its good when u know how actually he felt and u'll hate him fer dat.
there are certain times when MOOD gets in the way,it will dominate the decision.the decision to say wat they like.the decision to leave u.the decision to hurt u and to make u cry.
and when the next day comes,he will regret.and say this."i duno why im sayin dat,myb i was not in the mood"
btul kan? the mood was blamed.and the mood is the true enemy.DUH

how wud u feel,if sumbody loves u few days in a month.e.g " i felt like i need sumtime alone" which means..he doesnt love u dat day.and y wud he want dat time alone? i know y.bcuz he felt dat ur annoying.becuz u love him too much.

when u dont care =
u neglected me. girls like when boys nagging around and make cute faces cuz u think its cute.
solution = 
u'll text him everyday.and give him few calls so he wont felt abandoned.
when he doesnt seem to care =
"knp ba syg dak call?" he will not pujuk u like wat u do.

not fair..i know.tpi dia juga ko puja2.

it will not change tho.u want it this way but he wants the othr way.the final solution? call dr.patient.

November 30, 2009

the hair do day!~

it was 10 sumthin in the early morning on sunday.bibi kee called me and asked me out.dgn durg lala la,..
mls nya aku bgun..huwaarrggggghhhh...
trus i got up n get ready...we went for brunch.adek's treat.thanx adekkk!!!~
then we went for saloon.

November 29, 2009

my 21st ultah shall i say..

i rcvd alot of texts and wishes..yeayyy!!~ a uncountable amount.and i dun get tired reply them thanks..i love yall for wishing me.u guys were so thoughtful~ huggssss ramai2.!
so what did the greatest stuff dat i got?

1.wishes and wishes..=) advanced bday present from my yayang akmal.=)

as i wished.(his name is akmie)
3.j.Lo still from mama,aunty aling and aunty ida.=)
thankssss macik2 ku.i know perfume ni lama,tpi aku masi mau sbb aku pya abis.hee.

4.selipar yg eko bagi.tpi dakda gambar.aku mau gmbr.tpi mlm sda
slipar tu d luar.nt aku gmbr ya.thannkksss eko.hugs!
5.picture moment with my fam.

kenapa jgk dia rotate ni.
5.niece and nephews sang me a semangat bday song.

the girl with pink top.muahh.
(i looked old.)
6.mkn2 di ruma dgn fam.hee.
biar pun this yr dak brp meriah like the years before,
im hapy i still haf my fam n love ones on my bday.
and wats funny was my cousy ketakutan mau wish aku bday.
jahat rupanya kakak erin ni.
7.i got the keyyyy baybehhhh!~

November 22, 2009

and his leaving.. =((((((((

  1. urgghh...taking pictures.
  2. and more pictures.
  3. haluning..
  4. his flight was more pictures.
  5. so i said "syg u masuk la dulu kay..mama's been waitin." then masa dia masuk, org tu bilang."er..belum boleh masuk lgi..9.15 bru bleh masuk." hahahahhahah
  6. keluar balik!!!! HUGGGGGS.

17th ~~

 dari ruma 

 lepak dan movies.

jam session half and hour sbb budget lari. 


time pulang suda.

the 16th event!~

so we went to eastern..mula2 kmi lepak a place called abc.(kmi naik bas jak..XD) tmpt tu mcm gerai2 la.koboi2 la..mkn pun yg budget 5 rgt pun cukup..heheheh..cinta koboi kan kmi..hahahahha. lepak2..he likes tawau pya lekor..n then..kmi dgn durg c lala..adek..the x28x band,..kmi buat chain pic (2nd diagram) .. comelll! pastuhh..itu jak la..hee..<3

November 20, 2009

the blomming november

haa at back with new fresh jots..well apparently its been a rily fine month fer LOVE story will now reveal.okay,so..i had a myspace account when i was 18 sumthing..when facebook and friendster came thru..myspace happened to be my least i ignore it fer couple of i came back with when i was 20...since i was very single dat time.
*very single - out of scandals as well.

so iv been approving..and approving..and this account added me. *wink2. 

haha.yes dats him.XD 

i approved and dats when i started my itchy2.hahahah start la aku mengurat2.
comment2.last2 aku mntak ym nya. =)))

(how flirty i am)
so we chat and chat.till i got his fon number!

and bla bla bla..we tied our knot on 19th of April 2009.

I KNOW..we had our rship before we we do for dated was vdeo calling..voice calls..
but we do love each other so much.i never been in this kind of rship .
sum of my frens laughed at me tho,i know.but i trusted him and i just did.

so he said he wud come to see me.and we booked the tkets and after 6 months of phone loving.,
akmal mustafa finally came all the way from kl for me..but things dint turned out like we planned.
i planned to meet him on 14th of november.but my last exam was on i have to put him somewhere.
my mum fetch him on 14th.and happened to be the first girl he met before me.hahahhaha
nah tjumpa la kau mertua mu akmal.

and i asked eko to look after him when i was away.
and 15th came.he and my other cousies fetch me at the airport.and dat was our very first meeting.

he was cuter than i expected. *wink2.
he ws very quiet.and i can see dat he smiled alot.
whee! was awkward initially.hehehhehe.mmg la ba malu2.

trus mlm nya we went for movie with eko.since c eko pya bday kan.
jadi we watched first date on 2009.hahaha
to be continued.

October 27, 2009

secret fam vaca

well i am under cover for my aunt.she came to malaysia..and i have to spy on my mum by making sure dat she doesnt know about the sapmah's i went to tuaran beach resort was heaven! but they cudnt beat karambunai tho...but it was nice.a bit far from town i shall say.and if ur plannin on taking sunsets,u sure gona come earlier than 4 sumthin.besides the road was out of the dark will scare u out.the rate was affordable.for ASIAN.i dun know why malaysian ave to differentiate the rates for white asian black what my unc told me..he wanted to book for palace hotel initally,so the given rate was..

white people-RMxx

and he wrote to them an asian-indian who lives in wats the rate for me?

hee.=) but he's not an asian-indian actually.

but it was true tho,why shud they av diff rates? dat was the rate thingy.
and we had a lil picnic dinner with unc chris and his wifey,
he brought sumtin..lamb,pizza,noodles..etc.
we had our dinner by the beach and i felt like org putih "THE HILLS"

but i was not allowed to upload any pictures until this wed since i hav to keep this a secreto.

October 11, 2009

well i hate heidi actually.

can someone tell me why shud i watch gossip girl instead of this?

October 1, 2009

the happiest raya ever!~

kenapa raya 2009 bestt???

  1. sebab meriahh gilaaaaaaa~!
  2. sebab baju kurung ku cantik (baya2) lol
  3. sebab nenek pndai posing.
  4. sebab gmbr2 kmi pkai camera miming yg semat

kenapa raya 2009 dak best??

  1. sebab i lost sumthing yg smpai skrg mama datau..
  2. sbb sup nek siti gantung!
  3. sbb dakda aunty ita and aunty salmah..

baru aku tahu..

aku suda jumpa posting yg aku mau..rupa2 nya dlm compose.pya buduuuu aku rasa.tanx aa pelix...will update my blog soon.xo

p/s (ada warna suda blog

September 11, 2009

word for the day!!! -HUNGER-

thinking of what to eat fer sungkai?
or wat wer having in a short while? hahahhaa.
lama lgi ni.1.25pm.

August 22, 2009

miss..can u move? gosh.

the first time ever? taking myself alone to BUS.
i usually decide crazily on goin back to twu.if i feel like goin home..the ull see me in twu on weekends.
SHE sits beside me and she looks like sumone i knew.n i dont feel like being friendly datime so i decided to keep on BERCINTA with the phone.she sleeps and suddenly..i felt like sumtin heavy on my right arm..imagine the JAPANESE greets u with bending down and captured! dat was how she sleeps.i was feelin uncomfy i continued dreaming.



get on the bus people!!!!
snoring? damn...turn down ur volume..hahhahaha..
and she repeated the same posture.owwhh god.

August 12, 2009

wat the?

aku pulang rumah kena marah..aku dak pulg ruma pun kena marah.maka aku d hostel jak.wat is your prob anyways?open up ur mind...i think u shud go out of the country and realise dat thers alot more important things than shrinking ur brain.

August 7, 2009

bitter heart..bitter heart....

i miss ya so much. =(

August 3, 2009

im back in kk.

i reached twu airport and ges wat? I LOST MY IC.i repeat,I LOST MY IC.
my mum asked me before leaving.: ada suda ic erin?
erin (dgn yakin) : ADA.
smpi ja d airpot..: eko..ic ku..dakda.
eko: tenang kau.cek btul2.
erin: btul2 dakda.shit.

i dun wana text my mum cuz i knew she wud scream at i told unc eone.
"miss,bleh ka check in guna student ID.? driving license ka?"

i text mum: ma.ada ka ic erin sma mama? aku tyk kau ko blg ada.cek btul2.
:jadi mcmana?
:suda erin cek in pkai student card.

till now.belum jumpa.i ges my ic sma miming ba.sbb kmi go party tu hari i gave her.
and she hasnt reply yet.adehhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.menyusahkan jak.

July 29, 2009


so now i can rmbr wt happen.c there was this subject which is optional.n i reg for this A subject initially.which i will not,the B subject has sumtin to do with counting stuff.wic i like so much.and..the A subject has to do with reading.and i like reading.but memorising is a big NO fer me.and so i went fer the B subject for was okay until i was called.she called me BUNGA since i was using my bunga hairclip fer the whole i wasnt doin anytin.

the woman: yea bunga? ape u buat kat blkg tu? tgh main2 ke?
bunga: ah? teda la puan..
the woman: dr td i tgk u main2 kat blkg tu..u phm tak ape i ckp dr td?
bunga: paham..
tha woman: ulang balik ape saye ckp?
(omg.honestly,i wasnt playin.and i dint catch the last line she dead)
bunga:er...goverment..sumtin..(actually the thing that i repeat was correct)
the woman:haa..tula..i tgh ckp kat depan..u main2 kat blkg..
subject ni bukan senang tau..takpernah org dpt A dlm seumur hidup.(W T FISH)
klu sye main2,sye main2,klu time bljr,jgn la main2,.
(and she took my so-called personal details sheet)
ha..subject yg *TUT* ni pun repeat.
bunga: puan..itu baru 1 ja paper saya repeat.(budget mau tegakkan keadilan yg aku ni dak la bodoh sgt)
the wekekemen: yelah.maximum sitting fer the paper is 3 times
(mcm jak la aku ni mau kasi ripit smpi 3 kali)
and she said..ehh..sume tekejut eeaa i marah?
bunga:(dalam hati jak) siall...kitaiii!!!!!!!!!
and i returned to the A subject where i can find peace.
PLUS.THE WOMAN TU siap bgtau lgi.."dulu saye kat uitm melake,saye DL every sem tau."
ur still a lect.DUH!


wheee!! kami cuti 1 week!!
omg its been ages i dint post anytin!!
akay..lemme c..mula2..i met dj2 music fm..muaz and aril.they were very friendly.
they were here for concert i cant rmbr..n then..a step to uitm!!...hehhe..i met lala.bibi.and lot of them..they were the freshies fer this sem.and i stayed at their room once in a while..and fini's room too! love ya guys fer the stay.and wat els?
owya,uitm is close curently.due to h1n1 i ges..since uitm melaka hasnt opened since forever,so i think uitm wana get every campus in a same line.tpi this is our mid term,so they brought it forward,n we wudnt get our midterm next month.

and ela's bday was a blasttt!!! i bought miming along to the party.which happened to be her first time.hahhaha..kesian ba dia..di bwk menarii..dipaksa lgi ni.mati aku oleh bapak nya klu kena tau.kekeke..n then..wat els aaa...wat the hell is wrong with my stops functioning.tuttt...tutt.....tutt...later!

July 11, 2009


my mum went home yesterday.n my fever came back.sial
mcm i felt like i dun wana be here.i wana go twu
akmal's goin to kl today.and...i hope hes doin fine.
i felt so alone ba.knp ba ni.

July 6, 2009


im in kk the uitm librabry.we supposed to register our course but there was sumtin about system failure so we skip to other regristration course which is?...
facebook and blogger.thank god theres no failures.hee.
well.i am sick.cough.flu.fever.tpi td sua pigi clinic.byk ni urg sakit.mama ckp dia mau dtg kk.since aku sakit.yeaaa.hahahha.nah tkut juga dia anak nya sakit.
jadi...still waiting fer her.sigh..

July 4, 2009

i cant believe wer growing up so fast...

these are the pictures of suzana's took two days fer me then i get to uplod them..been just so happy fer her..mcm rasa we were just in high skul n now shes gettin married...whoaa....cepat nya...aku? bila aku kawin hahahhahahha.i wishhh ada org mau.,kekek..btw..all the best fer u darling suzane..
love u.


July 3, 2009


i suppose to have a vdeo here.where is it?

owhhh GOD.

i know im a hassle fer u.i overcare.but i apologize.
i hate the fights but i love u.
i know ur tryin hard but im struggling wif maself too.
i just wana share but u wont listen.
i just wanted to call.
i just wana hear u.
i just want everytin back to normal.
i rily misses 'the bakery' ringing.
i wana avoid the tears but it kept on pouring out.
even mr.tissue cant stand it.
i rily hope i can change mysef to BILAN so dat i can be with u n listen.
im tired of loving someone els n i want nobody els.
stop saying things dat hurt syg n dats all i ask.

July 2, 2009

advanced raya preparation.hahhaha

mama ku membawak kmi mencarik kain raya..awal this year raya will be brown raya..bru jak p measure td..i wanted my own style tpi mama mau kunu suru putung pattern johor ka pahang..tah..trus i say i wanted biasa2 jak..ikut badan..tpi blg macik sharifah..mana bole..bdn erin kecik jak.kurus..ADEH.bgus aku ni pkai karung jak ba klu hari raya.susa btul..tpi time2 milih kain,smpat lgi aku test2 tudung..hahahahha..sembrg jak.but i bot one okayyy..hee.

June 30, 2009

we'll miss you andy.1986-2009

he was a friend of mine.i never knew him very well.but i rmbr he was studying in SMK holy to my school.the first time i met him when i was on my way jalan kaki from convent to dinamic club.cuz my mum was working ther dat time.he was a waiter.
i knew he dint know who i am.he dint know im mia's daughter.he was so serious serving me food dat time.n i was with my kurung skolah and tudung skolah yg pendek.when my mum came to my table..she told andy im her daughter and he eventually smile.dat was the first time i talked to him.i was not rily close to him,n at the same time,his cousin clauvilyn happened to be my senior in convent.n she works in dinamic clauvilyn and my mum are close frens.but after few months working in dinamic.,andy went to kl..i duno on wat purpose,but i knew he went to kl..he was also close to eko's brother,abg denddy,the one whos gettin married soon.n he promised to bg denddy that he will surely some for his wedding.i rmbr he came to me and asked for songs,n he took justin's "my love".that was the last time i met him.
but luck hasnt alwes be with him.he faced alot of car accidents actually.n his death happened to be his third accident.i guess god loves him n dats y he was taken.the third accident took place in kl.he was on his way to work n he was hit by a car.according to infos,he dint fasten his seat belt n he was known as a fast driver.
he was then told to be in coma.n there was sumtin in his head was taken he only has to depend on the machine to live.but last nite,my mum told me the doctor has asked the permission to switch off the machine as he cudnt be saved was safely gone.and he will be sent home tonite.i will be goin to his funeral soon.may god's love be with you always ADRIAN SERINO.

June 29, 2009

music for soul gigs 2009

yesterday i went for gigs in dewan belia was okay tho..cuz i was not so excited cousin's band x28dayslaterx was the first band to perfom.
they prfom well as usual.adly was having so much fun..dizzy dizzy,ijam ws excited moshing too.eko dint mosh too much cuz most of the songs were not the genres that dey like.but i like the songs cuz there were the strokes..12.51..last nite..those r my favs..then..after dat..we went to a place where org twu kol it 'highway' was a beach ka tu aa..ka..seaside..tah la..p sana jap lepak.tpi air surutt woo..tkut aku tgk,,then nasir came..trus kmi pgi ABC.mkn sanggar dan lekor..lama jga kmi lepak.smpt lgi eko dan ijam begadu..haihh..dak abis2.then mlm nya papa kol dany,.he wanted to bring dany to watch transformer..dany asked me but im afraid mama will mad and kesian mama dakda kwn d kedai.then dany jak la pgi tingu..but overall i rily had fun yesterday eventho ther was sumtin on my mind..watever it is..28days later RAWKKK!!

June 28, 2009


akmal told me dat his ayah is sick..hes worried n im worried too.he said his dad's condition is not quite well..n hes bringing him to the hospital tomorow..hes thinkin of extending his degree till next yer..since theres no one to take care of his dad in kelantan..but his mum wont allow him to do was very kind of u syg..watever it is..i will support ur decision kay?n i will surely pray for ur dad.amin.

love u,

June 27, 2009

one of my heels missinG~!!!!

so i went to my future cousin in law pya house.utk merisik..suma family..then..mula2 wen i reached ruma tu.i found out my gelang kaki missing..i was so panic sbb my mum ckp.."klu ini hilang...hilang jugak kepala mu ole aku" head will be cut next! so i told eko.."eko..mati la aku..hilang gelang ku" dia blg.."astaga dmana?"
i dun hav idea.then after mkn2 suma..pas merisik apa suma..lepas cincin dipkaikan..kmi pun pulang..then..wats next? heels ku hilang 1. mati!!! panic lagi..tpi ini dakda hilang2 kepala..then i said.."mana kasut erin ma?" blg mama.."aii..mana?"...trus suma urg heran..mana hilang kasut ku.blg mama bride "kenapa boleh hilang nak? bukam ada jugak anjing..wehh..ko simpang la dulu di sini yg satu..nt dicarek yahh" auwahh..i went home with my bare feet.gila....nasib ruma dkt..trus my mum n auties suma ktwk..ur next! ur next! PALIS2 ahhhh...dakla aku mau dirisik...eeeiiiwww....klu akmal buli la..hee.=) btw..i wonder where did my heels go.=.='then smpi ruma cpt2 carik my gelang kaki..thank god jumpa.or els u guys will be seeing dania with no head.sigh!

June 26, 2009

mocKing white petals in progress

so these are my new designs..dlm process ba ni..there are fews coming out..these are actually handphone cases,and coin bags..the ideas of designs came from me and my cousy thinking of selling them..but i need feedbacks from viewers dulu..then i can repair mana2 yg ada flaws..if u have any suggestions,do leave some comments kay?


i ges wer okay now.

im sory if i push u too much..but i just want the best fer us.i love u veymuch syg..

June 25, 2009

biar laaa!!

u just dont care.kasi biar urg..dakpa..if im sick ka..apa ka..u never kno..hmpp!! boo u!!

thinGs dat happen in my "new" everyday life

" most of the time i spent on"

" untuk di baca2"

" still busy chasing her fish"

"kids' drug of choice"

"stuff dat mom believes in.feng sui kunu"

"mum's busy chasing her fish"

"our sempoA"

"regular kid"

"si juling running around"

June 23, 2009

lahgoo of choice for teday.

she sings well.shes from malaysia.shes similar to yuna..those jazz songs.n try to listen to her.zee avi.