October 27, 2009

secret fam vaca

well i am under cover for my aunt.she came to malaysia..and i have to spy on my mum by making sure dat she doesnt know about the sapmah's return.so i went to tuaran beach resort yesterday.it was heaven! but they cudnt beat karambunai tho...but it was nice.a bit far from town i shall say.and if ur plannin on taking sunsets,u sure gona come earlier than 4 sumthin.besides the road was out of lights.so the dark will scare u out.the rate was affordable.for ASIAN.i dun know why malaysian ave to differentiate the rates for white asian black people.like what my unc told me..he wanted to book for palace hotel initally,so the given rate was..

white people-RMxx

and he wrote to them askin..im an asian-indian who lives in UK.so wats the rate for me?

hee.=) but he's not an asian-indian actually.

but it was true tho,why shud they av diff rates? dat was the rate thingy.
and we had a lil picnic dinner with unc chris and his wifey,
he brought sumtin..lamb,pizza,noodles..etc.
we had our dinner by the beach and i felt like org putih "THE HILLS"

but i was not allowed to upload any pictures until this wed since i hav to keep this a secreto.

October 11, 2009

well i hate heidi actually.

can someone tell me why shud i watch gossip girl instead of this?

October 1, 2009

the happiest raya ever!~

kenapa raya 2009 bestt???

  1. sebab meriahh gilaaaaaaa~!
  2. sebab baju kurung ku cantik (baya2) lol
  3. sebab nenek pndai posing.
  4. sebab gmbr2 kmi pkai camera miming yg semat

kenapa raya 2009 dak best??

  1. sebab i lost sumthing yg smpai skrg mama datau..
  2. sbb sup nek siti gantung!
  3. sbb dakda aunty ita and aunty salmah..

baru aku tahu..

aku suda jumpa posting yg aku mau..rupa2 nya dlm compose.pya buduuuu aku rasa.tanx aa pelix...will update my blog soon.xo

p/s (ada warna suda blog ku.lol)