November 27, 2010

ika sudah bertunang nampak nya.

from left : pipie cinta biasa,ika the ring girl,me, and etyne the duit2.

ika,tahniah atas pertunangan anda. :)

the food was GREAT!

ika the ring girl!

me and etyne the duit2.

my advanced 22nd bday surprise!

mula2,aku dak expect ada surprise ni..and then bila kak vero tyk aku "rin apa program mu besok?" jeng2. and then kak vero tyk lgi "rin bwk camera mu besok ya"... nah kdptn suda! but i wasnt expecting anything though.hahhaha and wat was funny when suddenly ada pulak bunga sampai..and a box.i thought who wud ever give me flower in advanced? hahahahahahah and then,it was for the boss.we fortunately have the same bday. cheers then! yampui! and so, kak vero told me that shell go out fer awhile at 12. and when is that ever happen? haha...suri pura2 lgi tyk,ke mana kak vero? duiiii..mainan kamuuuuu..hahah..tau sda aku dlm diam. and a SR cake has finally arrived. wheeeee.....ADVANCED cake yall!!!! the cake was NICE! and these are the moments. 
"well,to my beloved colleagues, thank you so much from the bottom of my heart, i never had such considerate colleagues, and if i ever leave TG, these are goin to be my best moment of working. i love each all of you to death! HUGS AND KISSES. "

cant wait for 2nd dec!

im about to meet mr.akmal again.~~~~~~ and im very very extremely excited about it! i hope he is.the convo has started btw,so uitm,wait for me.

handmade countdown. XD

hugshop update!

the beads have arrived!
i decided to give them names each representing how they look.
some of em are sort of african style so they got african name each!

louisa beads

dumisha beads

betty beads

kimya beads

galla beads

charlotte beads

nadhua beads

apio beads

zola beads


makena beads

November 21, 2010

elken beauty workshop + mom's demo + surprise bday party!

i decide to follow my mom on her sunday activities due to unknown reason. and wev made few facial stuff like EB-ing (massaging face using Eternal Beauty device) , using body basic products like lotions and scrubs. my mom happened to be my personal beauty assistant. :))

i never thought i looked awesome with the mask! haha

you can view my mom LIVE below
mom's vdeo

mom's demo on hair tonic. cooolll mom! not bad at all!

shada and me

i was asked to get up on stage for the bday song.demmit.

chocolate cake made by nurul shada. awesome!



im bored obviously.

dania's second hand stuff (hugshop)

presenting HUGSHOP first blog launch!

so this is my second hand stuff. for those who is interested, pm me in my facebook account 
this is merely my first try of selling my stuff,so ur support is kindly appreciated. :)

code: SH1
price: rm20


code: SH3
price: rm20

code : SH4
price : rm10

code : SH5
price : rm15
(reserved by linda)

code : SH6
price : rm10

code : SH7
price : rm20