November 30, 2009

the hair do day!~

it was 10 sumthin in the early morning on sunday.bibi kee called me and asked me out.dgn durg lala la,..
mls nya aku bgun..huwaarrggggghhhh...
trus i got up n get ready...we went for brunch.adek's treat.thanx adekkk!!!~
then we went for saloon.

November 29, 2009

my 21st ultah shall i say..

i rcvd alot of texts and wishes..yeayyy!!~ a uncountable amount.and i dun get tired reply them thanks..i love yall for wishing me.u guys were so thoughtful~ huggssss ramai2.!
so what did the greatest stuff dat i got?

1.wishes and wishes..=) advanced bday present from my yayang akmal.=)

as i wished.(his name is akmie)
3.j.Lo still from mama,aunty aling and aunty ida.=)
thankssss macik2 ku.i know perfume ni lama,tpi aku masi mau sbb aku pya abis.hee.

4.selipar yg eko bagi.tpi dakda gambar.aku mau gmbr.tpi mlm sda
slipar tu d luar.nt aku gmbr ya.thannkksss eko.hugs!
5.picture moment with my fam.

kenapa jgk dia rotate ni.
5.niece and nephews sang me a semangat bday song.

the girl with pink top.muahh.
(i looked old.)
6.mkn2 di ruma dgn fam.hee.
biar pun this yr dak brp meriah like the years before,
im hapy i still haf my fam n love ones on my bday.
and wats funny was my cousy ketakutan mau wish aku bday.
jahat rupanya kakak erin ni.
7.i got the keyyyy baybehhhh!~

November 22, 2009

and his leaving.. =((((((((

  1. urgghh...taking pictures.
  2. and more pictures.
  3. haluning..
  4. his flight was more pictures.
  5. so i said "syg u masuk la dulu kay..mama's been waitin." then masa dia masuk, org tu bilang."er..belum boleh masuk lgi..9.15 bru bleh masuk." hahahahhahah
  6. keluar balik!!!! HUGGGGGS.

17th ~~

 dari ruma 

 lepak dan movies.

jam session half and hour sbb budget lari. 


time pulang suda.

the 16th event!~

so we went to eastern..mula2 kmi lepak a place called abc.(kmi naik bas jak..XD) tmpt tu mcm gerai2 la.koboi2 la..mkn pun yg budget 5 rgt pun cukup..heheheh..cinta koboi kan kmi..hahahahha. lepak2..he likes tawau pya lekor..n then..kmi dgn durg c lala..adek..the x28x band,..kmi buat chain pic (2nd diagram) .. comelll! pastuhh..itu jak la..hee..<3

November 20, 2009

the blomming november

haa at back with new fresh jots..well apparently its been a rily fine month fer LOVE story will now reveal.okay,so..i had a myspace account when i was 18 sumthing..when facebook and friendster came thru..myspace happened to be my least i ignore it fer couple of i came back with when i was 20...since i was very single dat time.
*very single - out of scandals as well.

so iv been approving..and approving..and this account added me. *wink2. 

haha.yes dats him.XD 

i approved and dats when i started my itchy2.hahahah start la aku mengurat2.
comment2.last2 aku mntak ym nya. =)))

(how flirty i am)
so we chat and chat.till i got his fon number!

and bla bla bla..we tied our knot on 19th of April 2009.

I KNOW..we had our rship before we we do for dated was vdeo calling..voice calls..
but we do love each other so much.i never been in this kind of rship .
sum of my frens laughed at me tho,i know.but i trusted him and i just did.

so he said he wud come to see me.and we booked the tkets and after 6 months of phone loving.,
akmal mustafa finally came all the way from kl for me..but things dint turned out like we planned.
i planned to meet him on 14th of november.but my last exam was on i have to put him somewhere.
my mum fetch him on 14th.and happened to be the first girl he met before me.hahahhaha
nah tjumpa la kau mertua mu akmal.

and i asked eko to look after him when i was away.
and 15th came.he and my other cousies fetch me at the airport.and dat was our very first meeting.

he was cuter than i expected. *wink2.
he ws very quiet.and i can see dat he smiled alot.
whee! was awkward initially.hehehhehe.mmg la ba malu2.

trus mlm nya we went for movie with eko.since c eko pya bday kan.
jadi we watched first date on 2009.hahaha
to be continued.