December 31, 2009

new yr's eve post.

why dont u just kill me ah? u know wat ur prob is? ur being so rude to me.and i cant stand it yuno.
well sometimes i felt dats the way u show ur honesty.but u duno how to blend it.u just say wat u wanted to.
i found it harsh in times.because i werent supposed to feel this way,

i never scream to relief.
i never put the volume to the max and now im doin it.
i never feel hungry 1 hour after meal.

but know ur definitely succeed making me how u wanted me to feel.


December 13, 2009

a daunting december

when people advice you like
" when u love sumone,save 50% of ur love to urself.cuz u'll never know what will happen next."
and u surely will answer yes i will.but the truth is ur lying.

when ur full of love,everthing seems so wonderful to u.
biar bf mu belumpur pun ko cium.cinta kan.
when hurdles attack? u cry.and cry.and blame.and apologize.and then cry again.u say u wont call him but u will.

when ur tired of things? u lie.and lie sumore.but u still keep on loving.
when u need them? shout i miss u baby.
but when u ask him the next u still miss me like yesterday?
he'll answer yes.but he lied.

i know we face this everyday.we hate it.but we love it and wer enjoyin it.truth hurts sometimes.but its good when u know how actually he felt and u'll hate him fer dat.
there are certain times when MOOD gets in the way,it will dominate the decision.the decision to say wat they like.the decision to leave u.the decision to hurt u and to make u cry.
and when the next day comes,he will regret.and say this."i duno why im sayin dat,myb i was not in the mood"
btul kan? the mood was blamed.and the mood is the true enemy.DUH

how wud u feel,if sumbody loves u few days in a month.e.g " i felt like i need sumtime alone" which means..he doesnt love u dat day.and y wud he want dat time alone? i know y.bcuz he felt dat ur annoying.becuz u love him too much.

when u dont care =
u neglected me. girls like when boys nagging around and make cute faces cuz u think its cute.
solution = 
u'll text him everyday.and give him few calls so he wont felt abandoned.
when he doesnt seem to care =
"knp ba syg dak call?" he will not pujuk u like wat u do.

not fair..i know.tpi dia juga ko puja2.

it will not change tho.u want it this way but he wants the othr way.the final solution? call dr.patient.