October 30, 2011

billie the great

setelah aku lama bertapa seorang diri d kl.. akhir nya,aku ketemu dgn geng keras ku si billie .. then i feel like goin back to sabah again! we had tea before in pantai hillpark. :) it was great! but she told me that my jemput2 is so masin. and so does akmal...

aiseh.. sok2 org2 cool ja kami d tepi2 pool kono.

then i went to her place in UM. since i hav no where to go. :(
we had our jamming session. she recorded it and bila kami dgr balik. it was awwwe-ful. i mean my part la.
billie is talented as always with her guitar on. wohoo!
then we had our pampering-night.

removing blackheads. and still ada lagi.

we had our early morning breakfast. very early. kunun.
then we run back for more pampering day. i made curls for billie.
here it is.

cantik kan? hehehehe..

begayak btul kami ari tu.. sbnr nya datau jugak apa tujuan kami...

smpai tersimpul2 rapi..

but watever it is, i loveeeee you billie yusak!

real steel!

brp lama suda main ni wyg ? haha.. baru aku tingu... punya siok! (ok,im so outdated) but i love the kid. seriously.. he looked soo soo cute. and hugh jackman? hmm.. i feel the abs. XD well if these kinda WRB (ceh,istilah2 robot), exist,i think it wud be so cool. but shawn levy,i loveeee u from night at the museum already! good job! :)

October 12, 2011

okay.. lets blog!

emm.. aunty ita came few times to kl for elken thingy. so i previously have this disease. urg ckp psoriasis. but i dont think it is. initially yala since few of my relatives have this skin problem.. but then.. i went to investigate then this psoriasis happened due to stress, and flakes will occur. and that happened to me. but i duno wether the stress has sumtin to do with that. so when i went for the doctor,he gave me a shot of benufin (i think i spelled it wrongly) it has B and F in between. my skin eventually cured with only 1 month of tenure. and the doc asked me to come every month for that the only way to make the flakes go away. and im telling u,its hard to be out in public with that kinda humilitation.


but soon after i move to kl,my skin dont suffer the flakes anymore. i mean they come out la but not that much like when i was in tawau. but then i bought CLODERM. that helps me to moisture my dry skin. and somehow i am so unfortunate for that.


but when i went back to Tawau,aku ada curi2 pkai my mom's elysyle ELKEN moisturiser. my skin doesnt get dry at all. and it clears my acne. masa tu nda la jg aku tfikir is it because of the facial foam curi? so..
when aunty ita dtg ke kl, i didnt bring any of my facial cleansing. (mcm byk maka satu jak ) so i used hers.

elken punya UPII facial cream la,night cream la,YUKI foam la.. uishh and my skin remain moisture.
she gave me UPII facial foam that costs more than rm200. which i get it for free. WOOT WOOT.
my skin is now pimple free. but the dryness masi ada lagi sikit2 sbb i dont have the moisturiser. nanti la ba aku beli tunggu abis hutang ku sama pundan jual perfum tu. hahahha

so tonite while blogging, i put on my YUKI mask. ( which i also got it for free. dak mampu okay. ) and it was soothing however.

October 10, 2011

im so in love with you even tho ur busy

my worst weakness is forgetting my id and password as well. thats why i have akmal mustafa instead of resetting my pasword all over again. (mood in love)

October 8, 2011

another best friend got married! omg omg omg

everyone is getting married now. oh my we'r so grown up ... the last time i can rmbr is we were still wearing the scout uniform and marching all over Tawau. and now she's getting married! Im so glad all ur dreams came true etine... ur patience was worth it! i stole few pictures from ur fb. readers! u can see etine here.

October 6, 2011

omg so stale sudaaaa this bloggg!!

hai folks!!!
its been almost half a year suda im here in kl :) and this is the time where i aleady bought myself a broadband. yet,my 4 years laptop is making trouble. the screen is purely white and it costs me rm300 to rm4oo to fix it which i dont haf that much money. but i got new new new new thing which i dreamt of.

Yes-my very first car! wohoo!!
im so so happy to get this...dulu2 kesian aku dgn akmal.. he has a motorcycle u see.
so whenever hujan,we have to quarrel sbb he cudnt come and fetch me and i was sulking like hell.
and if ever hujan, we have to singgah tepi2 yg ada atap. kesian righhhtttt?
so this is kire (oops) kira mcm present for both of us la..
but then i never drive yet.. sbb KL road is like very scary.

and some more. my number nice kannnnnn!!
hehehe.. share the happinessss!!