May 28, 2010

how it is like to be a real employee by dania.S

i think iv made a complete circle of life indirectly. well u see.after high school i went for college.after college im not planing on pursuin mum just cant afford i haf to work,get paid. and after akmal went back to machang.,i wana get rid of the sorrow immediately so i decided to look fer jobs.and i went for the interview and luckily got it.
it turned out to be a dissapointment as i entered the job world.
maybe i was too rushing?
or i thought dat i was so tough enough?

the term- BOSS.
how m i gona say this? they tend to say NO a lot more than explains why BOSS is a BOSS.
i was thinkin by the time i sat on the desk, why did i sit here? was ther anyone who asked me to?
can i runaway? or is this the kinda experience that im gona deal with everyday? or is this workshock?

well,i tot,ther's a lot more better jobs that are meant for me and i dun need this i quit.i shall not say how many days.

so i tried to find the starting point WHY did i get myself employed.i guess dats wat we called the-beyond-control-nutness.

May 19, 2010

happy 1-year-1-month akmal mustafa

my date for this month.

we had chicken wings date.

lala and amy.heart them.

i just love him to death.<3

cant get rid of jumping session.

May 13, 2010

manukan trip


a big welcome smile

i was looking fer the Manukan signboard,but
this is the only one i found.



May 9, 2010

fuck, you're so damn attractive! i'd bend you over and fuck you like pornstar!cum all over your face,...!

wat a pathetic person u are.dont your mum ever send u to school? its mothers day.don digrace ur mum for being such a loser kid.

Ask me anything

May 6, 2010

meeting eko and exams.and gigs without me.

oooopppsss wrong picture! friends.

love them!