August 22, 2009

miss..can u move? gosh.

the first time ever? taking myself alone to BUS.
i usually decide crazily on goin back to twu.if i feel like goin home..the ull see me in twu on weekends.
SHE sits beside me and she looks like sumone i knew.n i dont feel like being friendly datime so i decided to keep on BERCINTA with the phone.she sleeps and suddenly..i felt like sumtin heavy on my right arm..imagine the JAPANESE greets u with bending down and captured! dat was how she sleeps.i was feelin uncomfy i continued dreaming.



get on the bus people!!!!
snoring? damn...turn down ur volume..hahhahaha..
and she repeated the same posture.owwhh god.

August 12, 2009

wat the?

aku pulang rumah kena marah..aku dak pulg ruma pun kena marah.maka aku d hostel jak.wat is your prob anyways?open up ur mind...i think u shud go out of the country and realise dat thers alot more important things than shrinking ur brain.

August 7, 2009

bitter heart..bitter heart....

i miss ya so much. =(

August 3, 2009

im back in kk.

i reached twu airport and ges wat? I LOST MY IC.i repeat,I LOST MY IC.
my mum asked me before leaving.: ada suda ic erin?
erin (dgn yakin) : ADA.
smpi ja d airpot..: eko..ic ku..dakda.
eko: tenang kau.cek btul2.
erin: btul2 dakda.shit.

i dun wana text my mum cuz i knew she wud scream at i told unc eone.
"miss,bleh ka check in guna student ID.? driving license ka?"

i text mum: ma.ada ka ic erin sma mama? aku tyk kau ko blg ada.cek btul2.
:jadi mcmana?
:suda erin cek in pkai student card.

till now.belum jumpa.i ges my ic sma miming ba.sbb kmi go party tu hari i gave her.
and she hasnt reply yet.adehhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.menyusahkan jak.