February 26, 2011

i just found out that i can check my stats omg

this was my blog overview from may 2010 to feb 2011.terharu aku. ;")

and these were the pageviews from the audience. awwww

lets see how the lomo worked this time

dgn kerjasama Encik Akmal yang beria2 untuk menjayakan roll film kali ini, superia 200. ini lah hasil kami.

akmal's trial

my 5th trial yang tidak seberapa

February 22, 2011

homemade steamboat

so mom brought me to mami's house.for a steamboat.so the ingredients were

jeng jeng jeng

a plate of fishrolls

a plate of sotong kuning

a plate of crabcakes

a plate of prawns


elken's vege washer biosafe 

rebusss kan mereka :)

dan of course lada.

the narrator

we dont really know wat to do with the steamer.

setelah menunggu beberapa jam,kami pun menggunakan periuk gas!
lebih cepat! apa la ni barangg..

i had 2 bowls of them. :) awesomeee.

February 18, 2011

last moments

i thought akmal's flight was 8pm and i was the 6pm flight. turned out to be the other way round. and i was really really sad letting him go :( these were our last frames. ill miss you love.

our second year of valentine's

i love you with all my hearts 
and promise we'll never be apart
with the hurdle-some of two years had gone
im glad wer still keep it moving on
you're my best and my worst
and i am still ur very first
ill try my best to be the best for you,
happy valentines akmal,i love you!

kundasang memorial park

This place was built to commemorate the 2,428 Australian and British prisoners who died during World War II at the Sandakan POW Camp, and the casualties of the three infamous forced death marches from Sandakan to Ranau. It also serves as a tribute to the many local people who risked their lives while aiding the prisoners of war. Only six Australians survived in this tragedy to tell their horror and there were no English survivors.

names of the died prisoners

this is not me


****END OF VISIT****