September 15, 2012

Hari Raya 2012

Lama nya suda aku tidak post kannn. actually i cudnt sleep which leads me to this. can u imagine how busy i was for the past 8 months? serious aku busy okay.. ceh. bah so i kinda miss my clan back home,so these were the best moments that we had for last raya.. have a look! 

  my nenek-who doesn't look at the camera since she was 20s i guess.

adam was proud to spill the teh bunga as soon as he arrived.

  ur welcome kids.

haahahah atur muka kamu cepatttt

 finally. :)

 our photographer and assistant.
  he was saying "chooo chooooo"

 haikal masih lagi bingung mau duduk di mana (the one on the left) 

 take 2 - nenek still refused to look at the cammmmm

shada gave the look as if ......

okay, then. btw, akmal works as a designer now. and this is his first design for raya.

" berdendang mari berdendang"

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