May 22, 2013


First entry on 2013.

Marital Status:Still single unfortunately
Occupation:Still a failed banker
Location:Kuala Lumpur

Okay, how shall i start? i cant even describe how terrible my life has been lately. and i still cant see where im going now. some people asked me what are my plans and surprisingly i dont have the answer.
Resigning from the bank is one the plans, but after that? i dont see where am i going to relocate.
well honestly i thought that im goin to get married with him but turned out that we are maybe not looking forward to that yet. people has been asking me when am i gonna get married and before anyone ended the question,ill strictly say "another question perhaps?" to shut their mouth.
talking about my current job, im gaining alot of experience and i am tired.i am extremely tired of all these numbers, all the mistakes, all the reports, with the people chasing over positions, where they dont really care what uve been doing, with all the low increments,with the heavy workload, with the long working hours, and the list goes on. sometimes i can just and thinking what the fuck am i doing here. 
its not like im aiming for a better life, its not like im going to be someone's wife soon, and its been killing me.
my god.moving back to Sabah might be in the future list. not to say must. but will be considered. and yes, its all depend on me. 

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