October 30, 2011

billie the great

setelah aku lama bertapa seorang diri d kl.. akhir nya,aku ketemu dgn geng keras ku si billie .. then i feel like goin back to sabah again! we had tea before in pantai hillpark. :) it was great! but she told me that my jemput2 is so masin. and so does akmal...

aiseh.. sok2 org2 cool ja kami d tepi2 pool kono.

then i went to her place in UM. since i hav no where to go. :(
we had our jamming session. she recorded it and bila kami dgr balik. it was awwwe-ful. i mean my part la.
billie is talented as always with her guitar on. wohoo!
then we had our pampering-night.

removing blackheads. and still ada lagi.

we had our early morning breakfast. very early. kunun.
then we run back for more pampering day. i made curls for billie.
here it is.

cantik kan? hehehehe..

begayak btul kami ari tu.. sbnr nya datau jugak apa tujuan kami...

smpai tersimpul2 rapi..

but watever it is, i loveeeee you billie yusak!

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